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Sports Field Removal & Recycling

UDC Sports works with ReTurf to recycle artificial turf. This process keeps the material out of landfills, supports the health of the environment, and provides a green approach for your project needs. The recycled turf is used for a variety of purposes, including creating new artificial turf fields.


Whether looking for removal and replacement, or transitioning the field to a new surface system, UDC Sports Constructions provides quality removal services.

Project Integration

We remove old, worn-out artificial turf, with a focus on preparation for replacement or other intended field uses. This includes new artificial turf, natural grass, and drainage systems.


Our services include project management, labor, equipment, and material shipping offsite.

When you hire us for artificial turf removal, you know that you are taking part in an eco-conscious approach to facilities materials management.

Industry Leading
Established Methodologies

Responsible Recovery And Recycling

UDC Sports Construction works directly with the industry-leading artificial turf recovery and recycling specialist at ReTurf. The ReTurf Rx3 Facilities process more used artificial turf annually, than any other in North America.


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